Women’s Healthcast

Mind Over Matter: Community-Based Incontinence Improvement

November 14, 2018

When Dr. Heidi Brown did her first urogynecology rotation during her residency training, she was struck by how much pelvic floor disorders like incontinence affected her patients' quality of life.

Since then, she has devoted her career to helping more women connect to simple, straightforward solutions that can improve or cure incontinence symptoms. In this episode, she discusses her community-based incontinence program Mind Over Matter: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder -- and her plans to build an online program accessible for more women. 

To see if Mind Over Matter is available near you, visit https://wihealthyaging.org/

If you're in the Madison, Wisconsin area, learn more about managing pelvic floor disorders at a free community talk on November 28! Details available at http://uwhealth.org/breakfree

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