Women’s Healthcast

How to Manage Chronic Hypertension

July 8, 2020

Hypertension, or chronic high blood pressure, affects nearly half of U.S. adults. On this episode of the Women’s Healthcast, maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Kara Hoppe and research manager Jamie LaMantia talked about what causes hypertension, how it’s often treated, and why high blood pressure can be a concern in pregnancy.

To learn more about or participate in the MyHEART study examining high blood pressure management in young adults, you can call 608-261-1880, email myheart@hip.wisc.edu, or visit myheartmychoice.org/ResearchStudy.

To learn more about or participate in the Chronic Hypertension and Pregnancy study, you can reach the research coordinators’ office at 608-417-4218.

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